Why Franchise With Us?

Mr. Bamboo has created a solution to solve the problems for the flooring industry!

Not a “me too” offer.

1. An innovative concept for the flooring industry:

  • Mr. Bamboo eliminates the middleman (flooring distributors, manufacturer sales representatives and flooring retailers).
  • Mr. Bamboo supply and installs its commercial grade bamboo flooring products directly to residential and commercial customers.
  • The customers know that if there is a question or issue, they will just have one call to make to Mr. Bamboo to get their question or issue resolved.
  • Homeowners will never find themselves caught in the middle of a debate again. 
  • The customers can also have the peace of mind and security that Mr. Bamboo will be responsible to them and anyone they sell their home to.

2. 25 year transferable residential warranty:

  • Mr. Bamboo is the FIRST flooring company on the market offers a 25 Year Transferable Residential Warranty (Warranty covers installation, finish and and structural integrity)
  • The warranty on Mr. Bamboo flooring not only benefits you the original purchaser, but is transferable to new home buyers.
  • The warranty on Mr. Bamboo will increase the monetary value of your home.

3. Competitive Advantage for Commercial Clients (Commercial clients: builders, developers, property owners, contractors, architects, designers and home stagers)

  • Mr. Bamboo’s innovative concept will help commercial clients increase their sales closing rate.
  • Mr. Bamboo’s innovative concept will help commercial clients keep them ahead of the competition.

4. Transferable installation warranty:

  • We know how to install our flooring. Our installers are professional and undergo rigorous training. They have the proper tools to do the job right the first time.

5. Simple line of products:

  • Mr. Bamboo focuses and is specialized in bamboo flooring only. We only have two types of flooring: BamStrand® and BamLoc® – commercial grade bamboo flooring with four popular colors. BamStrand® is for nail down installation over wood sub-floors and BamLoc® is for floating installation over concrete sub-floors.
  • This makes it very easy for the customer to make a decision based on it being renewable, its hardness and the color selection.
  • This is also the reason customers have been choosing Mr. Bamboo flooring over other traditional hardwood flooring. Customers may become overwhelmed and get confused by all of the traditional hardwood flooring products.
  • Mr. Bamboo offers franchisees a simple, single threaded approach to flooring. They do not need to learn about carpet, tile or other hardwood flooring options.

6. Pricing competition:

  • No flooring retailers can compete with our pricing, because Mr. Bamboo offers its customers manufacturer direct prices,  professional installation and transferable Residential Warranty.
  • Major flooring manufacturers increased their flooring prices between four to twelve percent, because of increased raw material, energy and labor cost. They passed on the increased prices to the buying groups, flooring distributors, manufacturer sales representatives flooring retailers, who then passed on the increase to you, the customer.

7. Durability & Pet Friendly:

  • Mr. Bamboo‘s flooring is truly pet friendly. It is much harder than traditional bamboo flooring and is 100% harder than Red Oak and most other hardwoods. Therefore it will not dent or scratch easily from high heels, sharp objects, pet claws and furniture movement. It is pets friendly and perfect for residential and commercial projects.
  • Hardwood Janka Ball Hardness Comparison Chart (click image below)
Janka Chart


8. Estimating software:

  • Technologies drive measure estimating efficiency by using a Laser meter to measure and draw, automatically calculating waste optimization. The technologies offer speed, accuracy, consistency, procurement, project management and professionalism.

9. Green movement:

  • With the green movement gaining recognition and momentum, bamboo flooring is becoming a very popular choice for many residential and commercial purchasers; awareness of humanity’s impact on the life of planet earth is just coming into focus. Recent initiatives by local utility companies, local builders and local and national governmental agencies have served to heighten awareness of every individual’s impact on the global environment.
  • Bamboo flooring earns builders a point with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.
  • “Greening” our homes and commercial properties is turning into a serious business besides being a wonderful investment for future generations.

We are eager to share our experiences with you to make your flooring franchise thrive. Our goal is to help our franchisees increase the quality of life through a more successful business!