Why Bamboo Flooring?

Bamboo Facts

  • Bamboo is not a wood. It is classified as a grass
  • Bamboo is much denser, stronger and wears better than most hardwood
  • Bamboo does not shrink or swell like most hardwood
  • Bamboo has a higher density of fiber and absorbs less moisture
  • Bamboo does not stain because it is a fiber, unlike wood which has a grain

Save Trees

It takes only 5-6 years to grow and harvest an 80’ Moso bamboo stalk, as opposed to over 30 years for a traditional oak tree to be harvested. It takes up to 90 years for Oak to reach full maturity and it can live over 800 years. Millions of acres of trees from all over the world are cut down every year to keep up with our demands for flooring and other products.

Forests and trees are the number one source of oxygen on our planet. We need forests to produce oxygen and clean the atmosphere to help us breathe. We also know that the earth’s climate can be affected, as well as the water cycle. With this being said, animals are losing their homes at a rapid rate. Some species may be at risk for extinction.


For many residential and commercial purchasers of flooring, awareness of humanity’s impact on the life of the planet earth is just coming into focus. Recent initiatives by local utility companies, local builders and local and national governmental agencies have served to heighten awareness of every individual’s impact on the global environment. “Greening” our homes and commercial properties is turning into serious business besides being a wonderful investment for future generations.

Durability & Pet Friendly

  • Mr. Bamboo‘s flooring is truly pet friendly. It is much harder than traditional bamboo flooring and is 100% harder than Red Oak and most other hardwoods. Therefore it will not dent or scratch easily from high heels, sharp objects, pet claws and furniture movement. It is pet friendly and perfect for residential and commercial projects.
  • Hardwood Janka Ball Hardness Comparison Chart (click image below)
Janka Chart


Whether your style is rustic, modern, contemporary, classic, or eclectic…the elegance and unique beauty of Mr. Bamboo flooring is perfect for almost any décor. Bamboo’s durability and stylish appeal are what makes it the fastest growing product in the flooring market. Mr. Bamboo’s flooring is also most likely to increase the monetary value of your home.

Floor Maintenance

Mr. Bamboo’s flooring does not require waxing, polishing or routine sanding/refinishing like other hardwood products as well. Maintenance is a snap with just a dry mop or vacuum to clean, no wax needed.

It’s a Bam Good floor!