Helping You Succeed

A comprehensive two-week online and classroom training program and real time experience with customers at our headquarters in Illinois. In addition, a three day on-site training and support session will occur in your own territory. Each of our franchise owners is provided all knowledge and skills required launching and growing a franchised Mr. Bamboo business, including:

  • Product Knowledge Training: This includes not only the Mr. Bamboo line of products but a continuing education of all other types of flooring, underlayment and installation processes.
  • Technology for Operation Management: Our advanced technology systems supports your daily efficient operations of the business. They include CRM (Customer Relationship management) and Quickbook accounting integration. Our advanced systems will help you efficiently develop estimates, work orders and invoices, order materials for jobs, schedule and manage jobs and paperwork, track communications with customers, manage billing and analyze your business.
  • Marketing Program: We will provide you with the best practices and marketing recommendations to promote the Mr. Bamboo brand. This includes lead generating activities such as: targeted direct mail, print advertising, home shows, commercial expos, referral marketing, social media marketing, B2B Programs, a variety of advertising materials and sales aids specifically designed to promote the Mr. Bamboo concept. You will be able to order the advertising materials and sales aids you will need to carry on effective marketing efforts.
  • Personnel Management: Training details will help you identify, train, motivate and compensate the best employees.
  • Estimate Software Training: Technologies drive measure estimating efficiency by using a Laser meter to measure and draw, automatically calculating waste. The technologies offer speed, accuracy, consistency, procurement, project management and professionalism.
  • Sales and Design Training: We will provide you with detailed training. This includes competitive advantages, Q&A about Mr. Bamboo Flooring at home shows, estimate process at customer’s home, proper handling of walk in customers, incoming calls, sales calls to home builders, developers, architects, designers, etc.
  • Website Access: Library of downloadable manuals and training resources.
  • Ongoing Training and Support: The training and support will never end as we strive to improve the Mr. Bamboo system. We will provide continual guidance as needed with respect to training and support.

We are with you Every Step of the Way!

Your success is our success!