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Choosing a Green Franchise

Deciding on a franchise is always a difficult decision and deciding on a green franchise is no different. The following list provides practical advice on how to choose a green franchise.


  1. When deciding on a green franchise, a potential franchisee will need to decide if they want to be part of a franchise that directly aids the environment, such as solar panel installation or green energy or if they want to be part of a franchise that employs green practices and is dedicated to helping the environment.
  2. Man-recycling.JPGAn important consideration when looking for a green franchise is The Green America Seal of Approval. Green America is a nonprofit organization which started a certification process for the purposes of allowing consumers, potential business partners and other businesses to recognize a legitimately green business. A business that bears this seal has successfully passed the Green America screening process and has been deemed socially and environmentally responsible.
  3. When selecting a green franchise, make sure they are truly green. A lot of “green washing” occurs as franchisors try to profit from the hype without putting forth the effort required to be truly green. In some cases a franchise spends their entire green budget on promoting the fact that they are a green company rather than using the money to implement green practices. Also be aware that some green “awards” displayed may not be legitimate.
  4. Ensure that the franchise offers training for the new franchisee and for their staff. This training will not only cover the basics of running the franchise but also teach the staff green practices which should be in place.
  5. For a franchisee, an accurate understanding of the costs of a green franchise or the costs involved in going green is essential. It is important that a potential franchisee does a thorough investigation of the franchise to ensure that they are making a good investment in a truly green franchise. Before making any final decisions it is recommended that a potential franchisee consults a franchise lawyer.


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