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Green Franchise Businesses – Industry Report 2010 Green Franchise Report (Part 1) Incentives for Businesses Types of Green Franchises Choosing a Green Franchise Industry Developments and Outlook Green Franchise Business Profiles Green Franchise Business Report – Appendix Choosing a Green Franchise Deciding on a franchise is always a difficult decision and deciding on a green […]

You and your lawyer have examined the FDD. You’ve done your research about the franchise and the numbers add up. You’ve spoken with other franchisees in the business and like what you’ve heard. You feel ready to sign the Franchise Agreement.   As stated before, the Franchise Agreement is a legally binding contract that stipulates […]

  To succeed as franchise owner, you must be able to follow the rules, and conduct the business according to the book, in this case, the Operations Manual. If you find it hard to follow someone else’s rules, then running a franchise probably will not suit you. You must be happy following an established system, […]

  What they say about real estate also applies to franchises: location, location, location! If your business is not in a place that will draw customers, your business cannot succeed.   Many franchisors provide guidance with location selection and lease negotiations. This help can be a big boost to finding an optimal site at the […]

To run a successful franchise, franchisees need to operate from a location that is affordable, spacious enough and in many cases in an area where a large number of people go every day. Good franchises will provide detailed selection criteria with information covering subjects such as the population of the surrounding area and the age […]

Most prospective franchisees must borrow money in order to purchase and start up a franchise operation.But today’s lending environment is tough. With so many lenders affected by the mortgage default debacle now dragging down the US economy, lenders are tightening up on loan approvals. In order to get a lender to consider a request for […]

  There are a number of start-up and ongoing costs associated with setting up and running a franchise, including:   The initial franchise fee – this is what you pay the franchisor to use its business sytems and trademarks. Opening fees – these include fees such as training-related expenses, business permits, etc. Capital investment – […]

Today’s 50+ population is reluctant to be “put out to pasture.”  Instead, many people in their 50s and beyond are pursuing their dreams of owning a business when they leave the traditional workforce. And there is no reason that older people driven by the entrepreneurial spirit cannot achieve their dream.   Colonel Harland Sanders is […]

  As a franchisee, you want to feel secure that your territory and market are protected, and yield the expected returns. The only way to put protections in place regarding your territorial rights is before you sign the Franchise Agreement. Some franchisors do not offer exclusivity rights, and you should know and understand that before […]

  Business opportunities (biz opps) and franchises are two ways to start a business without having to start from scratch, offering prospective business owners a proven system to operate with. While they are similar, and have many overlapping features, they have distinct differences that should be acknowledged before an entrepreneur signs on the dotted line […]