About Us

Mr. Bamboo created an innovative new concept for the flooring industry!

Mr. Bamboo created solutions to solve common problems in the flooring industry!

Not a “me too” offer.

Bamboo, that’s our name! Bamboo is all we do! Since 1998!

Our motto is “Save a tree, get Bamboo®” rings true today as in 1998 when we were founded.

At Mr. Bamboo’s early year, we discovered that part of the problem was the connection between flooring distributors, retailers, contractors, developers, builders, designers, architects and homeowners.

Flooring distributors carry a vast array of product lines. It is impossible for them to train staff to learn all of the unique aspects of each individual product line in addition to the chemical content, construction and composition.  Additionally, they are not trained or fully understand the correct tools and installation methods that are required to install a bamboo product.  

There was also an additional level of middleman costs associated with these types of relationships, so a decision was made to eliminate sales of Mr. Bamboo’s products through distributors and ultimately eliminate the additional and unnecessary cost thereby ensuring that the people and companies purchasing Mr. Bamboo’s materials were getting the best products at reasonable prices.

Mr. Bamboo began supplying its flooring products directly to flooring retailers across the Central United States and grew our flooring retailer network over 200 outlets along with direct sales to other business customers and homeowners across United States.

We have learned that many consumers have had bad remodeling experiences in the past. When issues arise, many homeowners find themselves caught in the middle of a debate between the flooring manufacturer, distributors, flooring retailers and the installers. Homeowners are also plagued by high pressure sales staff both at retail locations and during their in-home demonstrations. Price gimmicks, hidden costs and unethical practices are an industry norm.

Due to this, Mr. Bamboo once again made the decision to eliminate our sales to retail outlets.

Mr. Bamboo understands that the bottom line for any business is to provide superior products at reasonable prices to today’s educated consumers and commercial buyers.

Mr. Bamboo offers a 25 Year Transferable Residential Warranty (Warranty covers installation, finish and and structural integrity)

The warranty on Mr. Bamboo flooring not only benefits the original purchaser, but is transferable to new home buyers. 

Our Mission

Mr. Bamboo’s mission is to provide our commercial grade bamboo flooring at the best possible price with professional installation and superior warranties to residential, commercial and builder customers.

Over seventeen years of research, design, implementation, testing, and development have led us to create an innovative concept in the flooring industry – and now you can take part in one of the most exciting franchise opportunities within the home improvement industry.

It’s a Bam Good floor!®