Monthly Archives: January 2016

Since 1998, Mr. Bamboo has worked to improve the process of buying bamboo flooring for flooring distributors, retailers, developers, contractors, builders, designers, architects and homeowners. As a result, we’ve developed a unique concept for our franchise opportunity that offers a solution to the multitude of problems that make buying bamboo flooring difficult. Here is why […]

Starting your own business is a tough decision, especially when you are not sure if you should take the route of independent business owner or franchisee. There are many advantages to owning a business, both financial and personal, especially if you become successful. One way to establish your foundation as a business owner is to […]

Finding the right franchise opportunity can help to increase your chances of success. As you evaluate franchise opportunities, there are some specific things that you should consider to ensure that the franchise is the right fit for your needs. Here is what to look for in a franchise opportunity. Quality Products and Services Your franchising […]